BEGINNERS BONSAI CLASS, two, two-hour, private sessions. Cost: $160

You will learn about the many species of trees along with techniques about styling, wiring, tools, repotting, and general care.

I have learned from many worldly bonsai artists in my 35 plus years of experience and will pass this knowledge to you. No trees or tools are required. If you have a tree please bring so I can evaluate and help you get it to the next level.

This class can be done at almost any time. Give me a couple of dates and times that work for you and we should be able to figure something out.

If you want more, the Continuing Education Class will further advance your interest. This class will meet on a specific night with multiple students. We can talk more about that after the Beginners Class.

Continuing Education, similar to Saturday Morning Bonsai, starting Tuesdays, TBD, 6:00-8:00pm.

Makes for a great gift!

For more information: call/text Mark Karczewski at (630) 254-8841 or email Mark at