• BEGINNERS BONSAI CLASS- Two, 2-hour, private sessions, for a total of four hours of lesson. (tree not included). Cost: $160

You will be shown many trees used in bonsai and discuss their nuances to what makes a good bonsai, along with wiring exercises and a repotting demo. Also discussed will be techniques in styling, wire, soils, fertilizers, tools, repotting, along with general and winter care. Then you will have a knowledge base to choose a bonsai that will give you years of pleasure.

If you already have a tree, I will assess and help you get it to the next level.

Buy Now (below) and an email will automatically be sent to me. I will then send you an email to schedule a date/time for your class.

(This class can be done at almost any time. Give me a couple of dates and times that work for you and we should be able to figure something out.)

• Private lessons- Cost: $30 per half hour.

• For more information- Call, or text, Mark at (630) 254-8841, or email